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Convert Bitcoin to USD and Flip to pay.

Flip Your Coin To Pay

  • Exchange

    Flip™ exchanges Bitcoin into US Dollars and adds that value to a digital wallet.

  • Load

    Your value is loaded on the FlipChip – a unique contactless payment device. You control how much your Flip holds and when it reloads.

  • Tap-to-Pay

    Flip is contactless – just tap-to-pay at any of the more than 10 million retail locations accept contactless payments.

About Flip

Flip™ is the creation of Fit Pay, Inc., a leader in the contactless payments space and a subsidiary of NXT-ID (NASDAQ: NXTD). By leveraging the FitPay Payment Platform™, Flip enables cryptocurrency holders to seamlessly exchange their cryptocurrency for US dollars and store that value on a contactless payment device that can be used to make purchases at millions of retail locations.

FitPay is led by payment industry experts with more than 50 years of combined FinTech, payment platform, and identity authentication domain expertise. The FitPay Payment Platform, which is the first successful commercialization of a tokenized contactless payment capability by a third-party provider, enables a range IoT and wearable devices to make contactless payments.

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  • Ease of use

    Simple to set up and load money onto your Flip Chip. Requires one-time setup only.

  • BTC ⇄ USD

    Seamlessly exchange your Bitcoin to USD whenever you require.

  • Pay with Flip

    Use Flip to pay at thousands of retailers that accept contactless payments.

  • Iconic Team

    Developed by the technology team behind a number of innovative payment products.


What is FLIP?

FLIP is a contactless payment device that allows you to use your cryptocurrency value for traditional payment transactions. Flip enables cryptocurrency holders to seamlessly exchange their cryptocurrency for US dollars and store that value on a contactless payment device that can be used to make purchases at retail locations.

Where does Flip Work?

Flip works at retail locations with supported contactless payment terminals.

What cryptocurrencies does Flip support?

Flip work with value exchanged from Bitcoin. It will potentially expand to other cryptocurrencies in the future.

Can I load value on my Flip from bank account or a source other than value exchanged from Bitcoin?

Yes. Value can be loaded on your Flip directly from a checking or saving account through your bank’s on-line service or mobile application, or by setting up an ACH transfer from your bank. Flip can also be loaded through direct deposit, cash deposits through Visa Readylink Load Network locations, or with some Federal benefits through the GoDirect service.

How does Flip work?

Flip exchanges your cryptocurrency value into US dollars, which are then used to fund a prepaid-payment device. The near field communication (NFC) device can then be used at a contactless payment point of sale terminal. Simply tap your Flip to pay.

Is there a digital wallet with Flip?

Yes, Flip includes a digital wallet that allows you to manage how much value you want to be loaded on your Flip and when you would like to add more value.

Do I need to change my existing cryptocurrency wallet to use Flip?

Flip works with BitPay compatible wallets. Click here to see if your existing wallet is compatible with BitPay. If it is not, simply transfer Bitcoin to a BitPay compatible wallet and set up your Flip.

Are there fees associated with using FLIP?

There is a Monthly Account Fee of $1.99 to maintain your Flip account and a fee of $.99 to add more value to the Flip Chip. The Monthly Account Fee will be waived if you make three or more transfers totaling more than $500 in a single month. The Bitcoin to USD exchange fee is 3% (plus applicable miner fees).

Do I pay additional transaction fees when I buy something with Flip?

No. Purchases with Flip are treated as a typical credit or debit card transaction.

Is Flip available in other countries and currencies?

No. Flip is currently only available in the United States for use with USD.

Can I buy Flip with Bitcoin?

Not yet. We plan to enable purchases of the Flip Chip with Bitcoin. That capability will be available when regular sales of Flip begin, but is not available for pre-orders.

What if I lose my Flip?

If your Flip is lost or misplaced, simply go to your Flip Wallet and suspend your account. Your Flip will no longer be able to make payments and your funds can be returned to you or moved to a new Flip.